Audit – Looking Forward by Looking back

The Saint Paul Police Foundation is establishing itself as a new-and-improved organization. With our newly-adopted strategic plan and recent successes we are certainly looking to the future of our Foundation and our community. However, we believe that to move successfully forward one must also look back with an examining eye, which is exactly what we have recently done.

At the 2018 August meeting, the Saint Paul Police Foundation’s Board of Directors officially accepted an audit of the Foundation’s 2017 financials. The audit, performed by Nichole Fairbanks of Harrington Langer & Associates, assessed the Foundation’s end of year position. Along with the summary, the auditor also provided some recommendations on minor adjustments and re-classifications.

Overall, the audit provided a substantially positive review of the organization fiscal health. Now that all of our restricted account balances have been confirmed we intend to accelerate our work with the Police Department to distribute additional grant funds.

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