New and Improved Foundation, New and Improved Strategic Plan

The Saint Paul Police Foundation is looking on to brighter years. The organization has experienced a lot of change in the past year, pushing us towards a new future. One of the most important pieces of the new future we hope to shape is the strategic plan recently adopted by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “It’s a bold and aggressive plan, which will require hard work by all of us, but I believe that it’s a worthwhile effort that will pay dividends for years to come.” Commented Saint Paul Police Department Chief, Todd Axtell.

The new plan embraces the importance of the Foundation’s public-private partnership. It also aligns with the priorities of the SPPD, which can be seen through our new vision, “to ensure the health and safety of our officers and our community through sustaining support for the St. Paul Police Department.” With the Foundations long-term focus remaining on building grant dollars, the plan focuses our short-term goals on building relationships and trust.

We are currently taking steps to ensure that our strategic plan is fused into the Foundation’s work going forward. Board Chair Kathy Beck noted that future success will require the Foundation to assess and evaluate its performance against the plan on an ongoing basis and to adjust as necessary during each of our annual planning conferences.

“The Saint Paul Police Foundation is moving towards a vivid future,” said Chair Beck. “Through renewed focus we can realize our goal to improve the health and safety of our St. Paul Community through sustaining support for our police department and its officers.”

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