SPPF Awards Two 100 Club Fund Grants

2018 has been a big year so far for the Saint Paul Police Foundation. Along with adopting a new strategic plan and hosting a successful Gala we’ve also distributed several grants this year. Two of those grants come from the 100 Club Fund Initiative, a private trust at the Saint Paul Foundation that was established in the 1970s. Updates to the fund in 2010 and 2014 established a partnership between them and the Saint Paul Police Foundation. Now, on an annual basis, the Saint Paul Foundation mail a disbursement directly to the SPPF and is restricted for one year to support immediate family of officers killed-in-the-line-of-duty. Unused monies from the fund are used for safety training and equipment that improves the safety of front-line officers—reducing the potential for deaths in the field.

The first grant was allocated to the St. Paul Police Federation for Patrol Medic Kits & Usage Training. In high risk situations, medical first responders often are required to wait until the scene is secure before moving in to assist. This grant funds the training and purchase of individual patrol kits that attach directly to an officer’s vest. This will enable immediate medical attention, helping negate the delayed response of medical responders in the field.

The second grant was allocated to the St. Paul Police Department (SPPD) for the purchase of additional equipment, to be used in situational training for officers. This equipment would include items such as protective gear, training mats, ballistic gear, and less lethal launchers and ammunition. Currently, the SPPD has adequate supplies to equip only a selection of officers in a training scenario. This grant enables all officers to be equipped in training and provide training scenarios that better reflect real life situations.

The Saint Paul Police Foundation is proud to help protect their community and officer’s safety, as reflected in their mission statement, “To ensure the health and safety of our officers and our community through sustaining support for the Saint Paul Police Department.” The Foundation hopes to continue these successes moving forward.

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